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We've helped our BaoBao Family all over the world bring their vision to life.

Check out the latest custom silks we've worked on!

  • Roger R.

    Stunning premium silk with customized color scheme of black and pink. Dual dragons adorn the chest and specially placed sequins create a stunning pattern on a black canvas.

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  • Magnolia Flowers

    Intricate pink magnolia flowers highlight the back with beautiful symmetry

  • Swirling Clouds

    Swirling pink and white clouds dotted with sequins wrap around the pant legs

  • Preston L.

    Breathtaking premium silk with custom design and color.

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  • Stunning Dragon

    Intricate golden & orange ombre embroidery of a flying dragon spans across the entire back

  • Signature Double Stitching

    Our special double stitching technique creates stunning patterns yet our silks remain light weight and keeps its soft texture

  • Felicia B.

    Gorgeous custom magnolia pattern on premium silk with a soft sash

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  • Delicate Embroidery

    Beautiful magnolia flowers dance along the back of this premium silk with carefully placed sequins as highlights

  • Magnolia Flowers

    Our signature double stitching technique of creating intricate detailed patterns on premium silk are showcased with magnolia flowers on the pant leg

  • Preston L.

    One of a kind custom premium silk, made to order.

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  • Custom Colors

    We strive to bring your vision to life with our customizable colors, sequins, and patterns

  • Deep Maroon

    Maroon is a special color rarely seen in competition silks but chosen by our creative clients who are able to show their personality through their custom colors and design